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Which is the best digital breathalyzer for 2018

This year all of the digital breathalyzers offer excellent value for money as prices have come down a lot over the last few years. This year the best digital breathalyzer to buy for personal use or as a gift for a loved one is the AL6000 which this year is one of our best selling digital breathalyzer and with good reason. This model of breathalyser used to retail for between £90-£100 but increased availability means the prices has come down significantly.
The AL6000 is also an excellent choice for clinics or businesses wanting a digital breathalyser for quick alcohol screening, for example night clubs wishing to screen entrants to the club to make sure they are not drunk before they enter. Extra mouthpieces can be bought in bulk packs and can be treated as disposable once used. The AL6000 digital breathalyser is a very reliable & robust breathalyzer and offers excellent value for money. The user changeable sensors make this in our opinion the best choice for 2018.

Best workplace breathalyser for 2018

If you are screening large numbers of employees for alcohol then the single use disposable alcohol breath test kits are a very good frst line screening tool.
However if you need an evidential breathalyser then look at the Draeger 6820 workplace evidential breathalyser with printer £1794.00


Drug Driving now as big an issue as Drunk Driving

Figures released last month show that over 25,000 people tested positive for drugs on the new roadside drug test, in the three years since the test was introduced in the UK. 
We have some drug driving test kits available to buy on this site

UK Drug Testing

Visit UK Drug Testing to see our full range of drug testing kits

Is it time to reduce the UK drink driving levels ?

Recent prominent news stories such as that of Wayne Rooney and his drink-driving conviction in which he was 3 times over the legal limit have raised discussion in the media about the UK Drink-drive limits which still remain the highest in Europe. There have been repeated calls to lower the levels as Scotland has done. Is it now time to do so?
Current UK drink driving levels