Help Choosing Breathalyser Sensors

Breathalyser Technical Support

If you require technical support or advice on breathalyser sensors for the AL6000, the AL7000 or the DA5000 digital breathalyser, then you have come to the right place.

Choosing the correct type of replacement breathalyzer sensor module

Match both the sensor model and the breathalyser display settings to ensure you maintain the correct display. 2 different types of display settings have traditionally been available %BAC (blood alcohol concentration) and mg/L BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) The sensor module must match the factory display settings of your breathalyser.

How do I know if my breathalyser displays BAC or mg/l ?

The units that the breathalyser displays should come up on the screen of the breathalyser each time the breathalyser displays a measurement. On some breathalyser models the display units are printed on the LCD cover.

Which digital breathalyser do you have?

It is important that you select the correct sensor for your breathalyzer or the breathalyser will not work. We stock replacement sensors for the following breathalysers
Alcodigital Platinum Fuel Cell

How often should the breathalyzer sensor be changed?

To maintain the accuracy of the breathalyser readings, the sensor should be changed every 150-200 tests or every 6 months, on the AL6000, AL7000 and DA5000 breathalysers depending on the type of use. For Alcodigital Platinum Fuel Cell see below.

There may also be other situations where the breathalyser sensor will need changing more often, for example, if being used by heavy smokers. The tar from cigarettes can clog up the sensor if it is used to regularly test smokers.

How often should the fuel cell sensor cartridge be changed on the Alcodigital Platinum breathlayser?

On the Alcodigital Fuel Platinum Cell breathalyser the sensor cartridge should be changed at least once a year or every 500 tests to maintain its accuracy.

How do I know if my breathalyser sensor needs changing?

The following may be indications that you're breathalyser sensor needs replacing:
• If the readings that you are getting with your breathalyser seem inconsistent, it is a sign that the breathalyser sensor needs changing. If in doubt it is better to change the sensor.
• If the breathalyser displays Sen, or CAL this indicates a sensor failure and the sensor should be replaced.
• If the breathalyser cycles through the countdown but refuses to sample and give a reading, this indicates the sensor should be replaced.


I have an old AL7000 breathalyser with a BAC display will the new mg/L BrAC work?

The AL7000 breathalyser gives you the option to use either of the sensor displays and the settings are fixed in the sensor modules, not the breathalyser. This means you can buy either display setting sensor, and it will work in your AL7000 breathalyzer. But be aware you may be changing to a different display scale by doing so.


Which sensor for the AL6000 breathalyser ?

AL6000 breathalysers are factory set to a display so you must stick to the correct sensor display which matches your breathalyser. If you have a %BAC model you can only fit %BAC sensors. If you have a mg/l model you must buy a mg/l sensor

NB Some of the older models of the AL6000 breathalyser take a green sensor as shown in the picture to the right. This green sensor is no longer available as and so it unlikely you will be able to find one to fit. The newer red sensors are not suitable for older models of the AL6000. We recommend you consider a new model.


Which sensor for the DA5000 breathalyser?

DA5000 breathalysers are factory set to display %BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) equivalents and so can only take DA5000 %BAC sensors. Please note the design of these sensors has changed and the new module will look slightly different to the sensor you are removing.


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