workplace alcohol testing pack

Premier Workplace HSE 0.02% BAC Alcohol Screening Pack

  • £217.00

 larger pack with 40 tests and 2 x AL7000 digital breathalysers plus many extra mouthpieces for repeat alcohol screening.

40 Breath Alcohol Detector 0.02% BAC single-use units
2 x AL7000 latest model breathalysers
2 x spare pre-calibrated AL7000 breathalyser sensors
250 professional breathalyser mouthpieces

The 40 Breath alcohol detector with a detection of 0.02%BAC (UK HSE critical cut off) enable managers instant assess to immediate front-line screen on the shop floor, on multi-sites or even off-site as required. Any positive tests can then be re-tested by using the digital breathalyser, EACH supplied with a spare pre-calibrated sensor module and 50 mouthpieces

.Latest AL7000 model with NEW SEMICON INTERCHANGABLE advanced oxide semiconductor sensor offers superior accuracy. Ideal for business users & healthcare. The AL7000 offers high accuracy utilising the latest model Semicom sensor technology, with auto diagnostics to ensure performance. 

Key features of AL7000 breathalyser
• Easy to change sensor modules for on-site service changing when instructed to renew sensor.
• CE RoHS Certified
• FDA approved hygienic disposable mouthpiece 
• Self-diagnostics function
• Low battery and low breath flow alerts 
• Display of test count 
• Hand carry pocket included
• Sensor Accuracy: +/- 010MG at 100MG BAC
• Rapid Multi-Testing
• Auto Power-off
• 1-year warranty
• Full presentation box, battery, user manual, 6 mouthpieces & carry case with strap.

All results are screening indicators only and non-evidential. All non-negative results in the workplace should be confirmed using an accredited and evidential testing system.

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