workplace 10 drug testing cup kits

25 x ALLTEST Drug Test Kits integrated split key cup 10 panel drug testing kit TRAM

  • £140.00

25 drug cup test cartons of ALLTEST split key collection drug testing cups are a fully integrated drug screening system that is quick & easy to use and gives quick accurate results. 
Dual chamber collection cup allows retention of uncontaminated original urine sample which allows easy laboratory confirmation using original urine sample if required.
Clear easy to read results which remain fixed. Tamper-proof security seals provided in the pack. Each drug testing cup also incorporates a temperature strip (checks urine is "body temperature") and an adulteration test strip to check if urine sample has been adulterated in any way.
ALLTEST Drug test collection cup with fully integrated and sealed 10-panel drug test for the following drugs:
MDMA (Ecstasy)

Individual drug test results for each drug group.

This drug test cup meets and exceeds all current EU & UK regulations for drug screening and makes an ideal choice for workplace and healthcare drug testing.

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Available in a single carton of 25 drug tests, 4 x 25 = 100 drug testing cups and 20 x 25 = 500 drug testing kit bundles. All available from stock for next working day delivery if ordered before 2pm, weekdays.

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