Mission 0.02% BAC single use breathalysers

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The Mission are single use chemical breathalyzers. They are now only available in 0.02% BAC ( zero tolerance cut off for industrial & workplace testing ) for workplace alcohol screening. 
Buy Mission disposable single use 0.02% BAC breathalysers

If you would like to order a bulk volume of the Mission breath alcohol detectors in the 0.05% BAC (Scottish and French breath alcohol limit) or 0.08% BAC (the current UK drink driving cut off level), please contact our trade customer services team on trade@adtuk.co.uk

These sensitivities can be manufactured to order on a proforma invoice for trade customers.

If you are looking for a smaller volume have a look at the Test and Drive multi-level breathalyser kits.

View our full range of single-use breathalyser kits available to order online

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