Drug driving law in UK & roadside drug drive test kits

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The UK Drug Driving roadside test laws that enable the UK police to perform roadside drug tests on drivers they suspect of being under the influence of drugs in a similar way to the way they can breathalyse drunk drivers came into effect in 2015.

Since its introduction 3 years ago, over 25,000 drivers have tested positive for drugs at the roadside in the UK.

It is hoped that roadside drug testing will be a deterrent to drivers driving while under the influence in the same way the breathalyser test has reduced drink driving.

Some of the drugs that may be tested for include prescription drugs that can impair driving ability. Currently, the roadside drug test just tests for Cannabis and Cocaine, so these figures may just be the tip of the iceberg with some drug users switching to newer synthetic drugs that like K2 & K3 (synthetic cannabis ) which will not be detected on the roadside drug test kit.

So far around 15-16% of drivers tested, test positive for drugs, which are worrying figures and suggests that the roadside drug test has not been the deterrent it was hoped for, as yet.

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