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Single use disposable breathalysers

Ensure that you are safe to drive, the morning after the night before.

The Mission single use breathalyzer kits in packs of 3 or 20 are available in 3 cut off levels 0.02%BAC for zero tolerance testing. 0.05%BAC for European Driving limit (most but not all EU countries) and 0.08%BAC for UK prosecution level for normal driving license. BAC (Blood Alcohol Levels) All Mission Breath Alcohol detectors conform to french standard NFX20-702 for chemical breathalyzers.
The Test and Drive multi level single use breathalysers (at bottom of this page) display a different colour change for 0.0, 0.2 , 0.5 & 0.8% equivalent blood alcohol levels and are available in single packs or packs of 30 breathalyzer kits.

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