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Breathalyser Mouthpieces

Whats the difference ?

Professional mouthpieces are longer and have a one way valve built in for greater accuracy. Standard mouth pieces are a little shorter and have no valve. If you are buying mouthpieces for use with a breathalyser in a workplace or healthcare setting, opt for the professional mouthpieces, as the one way valve prevents the subject being tested cheating, by sucking instead of blowing.
If you are buying mouthpieces for use with a personal breathalyser the standard breathalyser mouthpieces will be fine as you are unlikely to cheat yourself.

Which breathalysers can I use these mouthpieces with ?

Both the standard and professional mouthpieces will fit the following models of digital breathalysers : Alcodigital Platinum, AL7000, AL6000, DA5000, DA7000 & 7100, DA8000 models & CA2000. They can not be used with the Draeger breathalysers which require Draeger mouthpieces.

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