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Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing kits make the measurement of alcohol levels instant, easy and affordable. Alcohol breath test kits are available in a variety of cut off level indicators for screening to 0.02%BAC, 0.05% BAC and 0.08%BAC. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration, while the tests true cut off is the breath alcohol equivalents (sometimes a little confussing but blood alcohol levels are what are universally quoted inlaw and legislation, so having a test which references these levels is helpful.)

Alcohol test strips can be used to detect alcohol in any liquid, but are designed to be used in saliva and when dipped in saliva will give a semi quantative BAC equivalent.

Alcohol test strips dipped in any other liquid will react to the alcohol but the result is non quantative, ie the level of alcohol is not detected, just its presence.
Breath alcohol test kits and alcohol test strips

Drug Testing using Urine

Urine drug testing is the longest established and some say still the best method of drug screening available. The collection of a fresh, un adulterated urine sample is not without its challenges but when completed the drug screen will detect most drug groups for longer than comparable saliva tests, Urine drug testing also offers the widest range of drug groups to choose from, with some drug test membranes only being available in urine formats and not currently in saliva options.

For the reasons above we still would recommend that the initial screening drug test should be undertaken on urine. It is cost affective, reliable with high levels of specificity and selectivity, and collection methods are designed into many of the cup drug test products to enable tamper proof and secure collection and testing without sample spillage or contact.. Its also woth remembering, urine is a sterile liquid, saliva is teaming with bacteria.
Multi panel urine drug testing kits

Drug Testing using Saliva

Since NIDA gave the thumbs up to saliva screening in the US, This method of drug screening is growing internationally and is increasingly the method of choice in the UK. Saliva testing for drugs is becoming increasingly popular as the first screen in healthcare and correctional facilities. The development of a reliable set of saliva drug testing membranes to cover most of the common drugs of abuse has certainly helped. The clearest advantage to saliva drug testing is the immediate chain of custody control in directly observed sample collection. (not always feasable with urine collection) However care must be taken to ensure that adequate sample volume is collected. Too dry test membranes is the commonest proceedural failure cause in saliva drug testing..

Saliva drug testing enables near patient initial screening to be completed in 5-10 minutes. A good range of combination panels are now available for saliva drug testing, and the tests are as easy to complete as equivalent urine drug testing kits, with clear result windows.
Oral fluid saliva drug testing kits

Drug & Alcohol Testing For Parents

Drug testing kits have been available for self or home drug screeing for many years and are increasingly used for self testing purposes and to exclude and prevent drug misuse within families. Alcohol screening as a routine part of a teenagers use of the family car, and the morning after the night before is now easily and reliable completed with simple breath alcohol or saliva alcohol test kits.
Drug testing kits

Drug & Alcohol Testing Abroad

While not a legal requirement. (The French never legislated) motoring agencies still recommend travellers to Europe carry 2 breath alcohol test kis when driving in France. The legislation was supposed to come into force in summer 2012.

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